You are ROCKING a simple, science-based strategic plan to supercharge your professional practice and life!

Your Radiant Life Route™ is tailored to the TRUE YOU.

Traveling alongside you as you BLAZE your unprecedented path in your professional practice and life is a committed and contagiously JOYFUL guide, champion, coach, professional woman, soul sister, adventurer, and experienced goal getter who truly cares about your vitality, happiness, and success.

Your focus “grow and glow” areas may include:

  • Declutter your life. Create space for what lights you up;
  • Recognize and re-script your musts, shoulds, cannots, somedays, responsibilities, and have-tos to write your radiant life story. Then make your radiant life story a reality;
  • Fuel up on FUNctional Foods for effective weight management, high energy, and vibrance;
  • Feel fantastic in your body;
  • Skillfully manage unpleasant emotions. Triumph over what tugs other professional women under. While unpleasant waves of overwhelm, confusion, terror, doubt, and disappointment pummel other professional ladies into a depleted and powerless state, you soar on pleasant, empowering waves of radical acceptance, thrill, confidence, resilience, and joy;
  • Recharge to stay powered up for peaceful, proactive productivity and enjoy sustainable success;
  • Bust stress and boost happiness.

In a series of uplifting and inspiring coaching sessions with Radiant Success Coach Rita Berg, you make meaningful progress toward realizing your FULL POTENTIAL in professional practice and life!


Become a Radiant Professional

Shift into Radiance™
✮ Leverage high-performance hacks to realize your full potential
✮ Magnetize qualified dream clients
✮ Amplify your joy
✮ Co-create extraordinary outcomes with your dream clients
Coach Radiant Rita is your power partner in shifting into radiance!

Rita’s Shift into Radiance

I learned the importance of taking charge over my health and wellness the hard way—after my vitality tanked. My speedy and severe decline could not be explained away as the descent into decrepitude that far too many Americans mistakenly accept as inevitable. I was twenty-six-years old.

A year prior, I’d graduated from law school and launched a solo practice in criminal defense. A life-altering process begins when a person’s name is plastered over criminal-case papers. Beyond strategizing legal logistics, I spotted my clients’ potential, and then inspired, encouraged, championed, trained and guided them to work with me to co-create extraordinary case outcomes. As a conscious criminal defender and human-potential coach, I focused on providing stellar client service, engaged in 24/7/365 representation, logged insane hours, rarely silenced my phone, and grew my fledging law practice at a rate that astounded members of the Good Old Boys Club, whose efforts to bully me out of criminal defense (so I’d stopped “stealing” their clients) failed miserably. Though many clients preferred to hire the president and founder of the Defenders Who Care Club, my quick success was short-lived. Health issues struck. Having uttered these words during a medical appointment, “I feel like I’m dying, doctor,” I had to accept reality and close my beloved law practice.

Heartbroken yet hopeful, I spent eighteen months spinning the Wheel of Medical Specialists seeking a quick fix, hoping I’d land on the jackpot—a tidy diagnosis and a magic pill. The daughter of a registered nurse and a registered dietician, I had to accumulate substantial incontrovertible evidence to get it through my thick, Type-A-Plus, lawyer skull that conventional medicine had no clue how to help me. Perched in a rigid chair in a sterile examination room at the Mayo Medical Center, I sat across from a gray-haired, hyper-specialized cardiologist to discuss my medical team’s findings.

“Rita, your tests have come back in the normal range. We see this all the time with women your size. You’re just too petite to stabilize your blood pressure. I’m going to give you a prescription for a vasoconstrictor. It’ll constrict your blood vessels to elevate your blood pressure. We’ll start you on the smallest dose.”

“Is that drug dangerous?”

“You’ll have to be diligent about following the instructions. Read them closely. Make sure you don’t lie down within four hours of taking this medication. You’d be at risk of hypertensive stroke.”

“What’ll I do if I get one of my attacks and have to lie down?”

“This medication will prevent an attack. It’ll stabilize your blood pressure.”

“How long will it take to have an effect? Days?”

“No, hours. It acts quickly to constrict the blood vessels. We’ll know within the first twenty-four hours if it’s working.”

The next day I took the drug, and had the worst attack yet.

I can’t isn’t in a Mayo medical doctor’s capacity to say aloud. It hadn’t been in mine, either, until attacks had flattened me. Perfectionists abhor this phrase. So the Mayo doctor manufactured an answer that defied my expertise as a trained lawyer: logic. I’d been roughly the same size for over a decade, which I’d politely pointed out. But all the Mayo doctor offered me was “just too petite”—and a smoking gun. Magic Pill came with a black-box warning. For other patients, the drug had proven to be a fatal fix.

Dodging the pharmaceutical bullet ultimately spurred me to become Bulletproof. Sick of passing out and waking with my cheek pressed against cold tile, I hefted a machete in my weakened state, and began the slow process of hacking my way through the dense Junk Health Advice Jungle. As I experimented with different lifestyles, I unwittingly hiked into many hazards. My one-month stint as a strict raw vegan felt akin to sinking in quicksand. I managed to haul my battered body out and laid lethargically alongside the shifting sand for a few months as a vegetarian. Paleo gave me enough energy to pick the machete back up, though disabling attacks still disrupted my progress. The systemwide shutdowns stopped completely when I amped up my fat intake, crushed carbs, and shifted into ketosis. Driven to share my discovery, and aided by synchronicity, I snagged a spot in Bulletproof’s Certified Coach Training Program, and began an amazing adventure.

Transform from Flattened to Fantastic

Radical transformations are possible. I’m living proof. The universe gave me all the resources I needed to reorder my life to shift into radiance. Integrating the Bulletproof principles into my way of being, and supported by a supercharged constellation of champions, I broke free from the remaining Kryptonite in my life. I left a psychologically and emotionally controlling and abusive spouse and a stifling environment; moved from Minnesota to Maui; freed up tremendous energy; and engaged in real-life epic adventures like hoisting myself up waterfalls, skydiving, and jumping off cliffs. I started my journey seeking a tidy diagnosis and a magic pill, transformed from flattened to fantastic, and found paradise.

Life polished me to serve as a Radiant Success Coach. I help others navigate a safe, fun, and adventurous trail toward realizing their full potential. In particular, I delight in guiding professional women to break free from burnout.

Shift into Radiance with Success Coach Rita Berg

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